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thakkali dosa
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Tomato dosa recipe, Thakkali dosa, How to make tomato dosa

Tomato dosa/ Thakkali dosa is a bright colored crispy and delicious Indian crepe made by grinding soaked rice, tomatoes and few basic spices to a batter and then made into dosa. Tomato dosa is super easy to prepare unlike regular dosa as the batter needs no fermentation and soaking hours […]

chicken pasta
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Chicken pasta recipe, Chicken masala pasta, Indian style chicken pasta recipe

Chicken pasta/ Chicken masala pasta is a colorful, spicy and flavorful pasta recipe prepared by tossing cooked pasta in desi style prepared aromatic masala. This chicken pasta recipe is very similar to the one that I posted long back with veggies, so it is very simple and easy as that […]

bread vegetable masala sandwich
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Bread vegetable masala sandwich recipe, Bread masala toast

Bread vegetable masala sandwich is a yummy and healthy sandwich loaded with veggies and taste. This sandwich is prepared by making an easy and hassle free spicy filling with onion, tomato, carrot and beans with basic masala powder to add to its taste. I make this sandwich for breakfast when […]

besan sambar
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Instant besan sambar recipe, Kadalai mavu sambar, Quick tiffin sambar recipe

Instant besan sambar/ Kadalai mavu sambar (in tamil) is a quick and easy version of tiffin sambar that can be accompanied with idli, dosa, rava upma, uttapam and so on. This instant sambar requires no grinding and mainly no cooking of dal making it easy on busy days or when […]

tomato sevai
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Tomato sevai recipe, How to make thakkali sevai

Tomato sevai/ Thakkali sevai is a spicy and little tangy recipe where tomato and sevai/ rice vermicelli/ rice noodles act as key ingredients. Tomato sevai is a very easy and quick to make breakfast which can be prepared in just 15 minutes if you have instant sevai / rice vermicelli […]

instant sambar
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Instant sambar recipe, Fried gram dal sambar, Tiffin sambar

Instant sambar/ Fried gram dal sambar is a really quick and easy to make sambar recipe which takes only 10 minutes to make and is an amazing replacer of regular chutney and sambar. Instant sambar is usually served along with idli/ dosa or any batter oriented breakfast, so it can […]

tomato poha
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Tomato poha recipe, How to make tomato aval

Tomato poha / Tomato aval is again one such simple and easy recipe which can be prepared in no time. When you have tomato lovers at home, this recipe is going to be a real treat for them, but could be addictive even for non tomato lovers like me. Tomato […]

Pasta/ Noodles Recipes, Recipes

Masala pasta recipe, How to make masala pasta

Masala pasta packed with veggies is a spicy and yummy recipe where cooked pasta is tossed in Desi style veggie mixture. Masala pasta is very easy to make and is a bliss for those who love both pasta and Indian food. I usually prepare this pasta for my hubby as […]

capsicum chutney
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Capsicum chutney, How to make capsicum chutney

Capsicum chutney is a spicy and tangy chutney with cilantro flavor is prepared by grinding sauteed onion, tomato, capsicum and cilantro into paste. This chutney has very appetizing color and is also quick and easy to make. Capsicum chutney can be made any day as it goes well with any […]

chutney, onion chutney, tomato chutney, onion tomato chutney,side dish for dosa,side dish for idly,thakkali thokku,tomato thokku
Chutney/ Podi, Recipes, Side dish for breakfast, South Indian recipes, Veg Recipes

Tomato chutney, Thakkali chutney recipe, How to make tomato chutney

This is a tangy and spicy chutney prepared in reverse procedure. The grinding takes place first then the tempering. The riper the tomatoes and more quantity of red chili yields vibrant red color. It is easy to prepare and goes very well with maida dosa, dosa and idli. I remember […]