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chinna vengaya sambar, onion sambar
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Chinna vengaya sambar, How to make onion sambar


 Small onion sambar/ Shallots sambar/ Vengaya sambar / Pearl onion sambar call it by any name is known for its extreme deliciousness and is served with both breakfast and lunch. Just like any other sambar made at home this sambar holds all the same procedures but it needs to be […]

kalkandu pongal recipe, pongal, kalkandu sadam
Recipes, Sweets & Desserts

Kalkandu pongal recipe, Kalkandu Sadam, Sweet pongal


 Kalkandu pongal is one such variety of sweet pongal made with rice, moong dal and kalkandu/ rock sugar candy as the name suggests. I had already posted the traditional sakkarai pongal recipe last year in the blog so wanted to post something different most impotantly without using jaggery so I […]

maida puri recipe, puri, poori, maida poori
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Maida puri recipe, How to make maida poori, Puri recipe


 When we hear the word poori/ puri the first thing that comes to our mind is puri made with atta/ wheat flour. But it is something we always make at home and sometimes we do make bhatura and sometimes give little healthy version of poori with twist of vegetables like […]

homemade croutons, croutons
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Homemade croutons, How to make stove top croutons


 Croutons are square shaped sauteed and seasoned bread cubes that is usually accompanied with soups or added in salads for crunch and taste or sometimes eaten as snack. Croutons are usually baked snack that can be prepared in jiffy but I thought why not try stove top method to recreate […]

oats soup recipe, oats vegetable soup recipe
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Oats soup recipe, Oats vegetable soup recipe


 Winter❄️ is officially here of course a long time ago, but since I am resuming my blog after a really long time say about a month I just made that statement😜 not to forget after a new year post. I m always reminded of soups and hot bajji and pakora […]

makhane ki kheer, makhane ki kheer recipe
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Makhane ki kheer recipe, Phool makhane ki kheer recipe


 Wishing everyone a very happy and a prosperous new year! First day of the year as always I wished to post a sweet recipe and here comes a very healthy, tasty and quick to make kheer. Phool makhana/ lotus seeds are rich in calcium, zinc, thiamine and good source of […]

lemon oats recipe, indian oats
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Lemon oats recipe, Easy oats recipes, Indian oats recipes


 Lemon oats is a simple, delicious and quick to make healthy recipe that can be made in jiffy for breakfast. Oats as we all know is cereal grain containing several essential nutrients needs to be in our diet in any form. A simple porridge either in sweet or savory version […]

basmati rice idli, idli
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Idli with basmati rice, Basmati rice idli, Idli varieties


 Basmati rice idli is a soft, spongy and fluffy idli prepared with fermented batter consisting of basmati rice, poha and urad dal. Basmati rice is not used/ recommended for making idli/ dosa other than pulao and biryani as it carries so much flavor and also misunderstood it being unfit to […]

egg rice recipe, guddu rice
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Egg rice recipe, Guddu rice, How to make egg rice


 Egg rice/Guddu rice/Muttai sadam is a very easy and quick to make rice variety that can be prepared either with freshly cooked rice or left over rice. Egg rice can be easily packed in lunch box as it is mess free recipe and simple sauce to accompany with it makes […]

onion pakoda, pakora, fritters
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Onion pakoda, Cripsy onion pakora, Onion fritters


 Onion pakoda/ Onion pakora is one such most sorted snacks just like bajji during rainy season or cold weather. Since the temperatures have started to drop snacks like these when accompanied with a cup of hot chai/ coffee can make snack time a pleasant ones. Onion pakoras don’t need much […]