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Oats dhokla
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Oats dhokla recipe, How to make instant dhokla

Oats dhokla is an instant, fluffy and healthy steamed recipe prepared by combining ground oats powder, sooji and curd. Oats dhokla is much tastier than the regular dhokla and I have been making this often at home nowadays. This recipe yields soft and fluffy dhoklas and when served to friends […]

Oats dosa
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Instant Oats dosa recipe, How to make oats dosa

Oats dosa is an instant, easy and healthy recipe where batter is prepared with powdered oats, maida, rice flour and rava. This recipe yields soft dosa and can be prepared on a busy morning or when you are out of regular dosa batter. Oats dosa tastes best with chutney and […]

bread upma
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Bread upma recipe, How to make bread upma

Bread upma is a very simple and instant upma where bread cubes are tossed in onion tomato mixture. It is a crunchy, little tangy, spicy upma and also the most handy recipe for a lazy or busy morning. So lets get to the making!  

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Instant mysore pak recipe, Microwave mysore pak, How to make instant mysore pak

Mysore pak is a delicious sweet recipe prepared with besan and ghee and they are known to melt in mouth. It can be prepared in both stove and microwave . The below recipe is an instant one which can be prepared in just 5 minutes and surprise your audience. I […]

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Rava dosa recipe, How to make instant rava dosa

Rava dosa is a crispy indian crepe made with rava and rice flour. This is an instant recipe and requires no pre preparation and has very simple ingredients in its making. I was so keen to learn about rava dosa making when I started cooking as I have 2 important […]

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Bombay Karachi halwa, Corn flour halwa, Instant halwa recipe, How to make halwa

This is an instant and easy halwa recipe and known for its glossy look. They feel like jelly with crunchiness from cashews with yummy taste. This halwa is prepared in microwave oven and takes only 20 minutes to make. Its yummy tasting and once you make these at home there […]

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Instant maida dosa, Maida flour dosa recipe, How to make maida dosa

Maida dosa is an instant and easy to make dosa and requires no grinding and no fermentation. This recipe is handy for those days when I feel really lazy and wish to make something quick for my family. A simple maida dosa with spicy tomato chutney makes all the magic […]

oats uthappam
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Oats uthappam recipe, How to make oats uthappam, Oats recipes

Oats Uthappam is an indian pancake cooked with batter and chopped veggies as toppings cooked in batter. It is best known for its soft spongy texture and size. Oats is very healthy and is a must in our diet for its goodness and health benefits. Though I don’t like oats […]

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Wheat dosa recipe, Godhuma dosa, How to make godhumapindi doselu

Wheat dosa is an instant and simple dosa which can be prepared in minutes. Its healthy and at the same time delicious. This dosa requires no pre preparation and can be done on busy days. But i prepare this dosa on a regular basis as it one of my hubby’s […]