garlic bread
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Instant cheesy garlic bread, Cheese garlic bread

Instant Cheesy garlic bread/ Cheese Garlic bread are super easy and super delicious recipe with flavors of garlic that takes just 10 minutes to prepare. Yes that’s true we don’t have to knead a dough, nor wait for hours, still get perfect garlic bread loaded with all the flavors and […]

chinese bhel
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Chinese bhel recipe, How to make Chinese bhel

Chinese bhel is a super crunchy, spicy and little tangy recipe that serves to be a popular street food snack in Mumbai. This super easy and quick to make chinese bhel is prepared with fried noodles, onion, cabbage, carrots and few other ingredients to contribute to its taste. Though the […]

thayir vadai
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Thayir vadai recipe, Curd vada, South Indian curd vada

Thayir vadai/ Curd vada is a delicious South Indian snack prepared by adding soaked vada in tempered curd mixture and served with garnish consisting of boondi, carrot and finely chopped cilantro. Thayir vadai is my hubby’s all time favorite and for that reason I make extra vada so that I […]

sago bonda
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Javvarisi bonda recipe, Sabudana bonda, Javvarisi bonda with idli batter

Javvarisi bonda/ Sabudana bonda with crispy outer layer and soft interior is a delicious tea time snack made with leftover idli/ dosa batter. Yes you heard it right, this bonda can be made with freshly made fermented idli/dosa batter or with that last batter which yields hard idlies and rubbery […]

pudina sev
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Pudina sev recipe, Mint sev, How to make pudina sev

Pudina sev/ Mint sev is a delicious, flavorful and green colored healthy snack prepared by adding freshly ground mint juice to besan mixture, which is made into dough, pressed and deep fried as sev. Sounds super easy right, same goes with the taste a crunchy sev with flavors of mint […]

ghee cookies
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Eggless Ghee biscuits, Eggless Ghee cookies, 3 ingredient cookies recipe

Eggless Ghee biscuits/ Ghee cookies are delicious, aromatic, crunchy and melt in mouth cookies/ biscuits that are super easy to make because it is made with just 3 INGREDIENTS. Yes you heard it right! A very quick to make biscuit/cookie which involves only 5 minutes preparation time and 15 minutes […]

beetroot tikki
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Beetroot cutlet recipe, Beetroot patties, Beetroot tikki recipe

Beetroot cutlet/ Beetroot patties/ Beetroot tikki with bright color, crispy top and soft inner is a super delicious pan fried snack that can be relished as tea time snack along with ketchup or can be served in burger bun. These beetroot cutlets are super easy to make and demands very […]

egg puffs
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Egg puffs, Egg puffs with homemade puff pastry sheet, Easy egg puffs

Egg puffs is a very crispy and flaky snack where spicy egg mixture is wrapped with pastry sheet and baked to perfection. Egg puffs are very popular bakery snack in India which has its unique texture and taste. I started making my own puffs with homemade pastry sheets since the […]

puff pastry sheets
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Puff pastry sheets in 15 minutes, Homemade puff pastry sheet

Puff pastry sheets are thin, light and tender sheets that can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes both sweet and savory. These pastry sheets turn super flaky with lot of layers into golden brown color when baked and also emits a very buttery aroma that anyone will […]

batata vada
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Aloo bonda recipe, Batata vada, Potato bonda recipe (Urulaikizhangu bonda)

Aloo bonda/ Batata vada is a stuffed fried snack prepared by dipping potato mixture in besan batter, which is then deep fried and served along with chutney. This aloo bonda/ batata vada has a crisp exterior and soft interior making it a relishable one. This simple and easy to make […]