quinoa idli dosa batter, idli batter, dosa batter
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Quinoa idli dosa batter in a mixie, Idli batter using blender

Quinoa pronounced (kinwa) is a naturally gluten free grain that is rich in protein with all essential amino acids and has very high fiber compared to any other grain, also high in minerals like magnesium and iron. This super healthy grain can be incorporated in our diet in most simplest […]

jal jeera recipe, jaljira, jal jeera
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Jal jeera recipe, Jaljira, Indian flavored lemonade

Hope everyone had a colorful, bright and safe diwali! So after feeding on a lot of snacks and sweets which is a main part of any Indian festival its time to get hold of beverage/ drink to aid in digestion. True right! So here’s one such Indian beverage that we […]

aval halwa recipe, halwa
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Aval halwa recipe, Poha halwa, Diwali recipes

Aval halwa/ Poha halwa is a new variety and a must try yummy and super quick to make halwa this diwali or for any other festival or special occasion. Yes this halwa is made with red poha/ aval and along with few handful ingredients to enrich its taste that too […]

egg fry recipe, spicy egg fry
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Egg fry recipe, Egg masala fry recipe, Spicy egg fry

Egg fry/ Egg masala fry is a very easy and quick to make recipe that can be prepared in no time as it does not involve much of ingredients or cooking process. Yes egg fry is prepared by just tossing boiled eggs in simple masala mixture. Yes that simple it […]

aval murukku recipe, poha chakli
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Aval murukku recipe, Poha chakli, Diwali recipes

Poha chakli/ Aval murukku is one such variety of snack that is new to hear and interesting to make recipe, yes as the name goes this chakli is made with poha/aval as one of the main ingredient along with other basic ingredients that are regularly used to make murukku/ chakli. […]

oats porridge recipe, porridge
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Oats porridge recipe, Easy oats porridge recipe

Oats porridge is a very quick and super duper easy to make breakfast that is also delicious and healthy. This basic porridge recipe prepared with oats can be made in many ways and with few variations as well according to individual preferences. All you need is handful ingredients and 10 […]

beetroot halwa recipe, beetroot halwa, halwa
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Beetroot halwa recipe, Easy beetroot halwa

Beetroot halwa is a delicious and healthy dessert that derives a beautiful color naturally from the veggie beetroot itself. Beetroot halwa is one such very easy to prepare recipe without having to follow any technique or trick as the halwa is just formed by adding ingredients one after one. Yes […]

quinoa uttapam recipe, uttapam
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Quinoa uttapam recipe, How to make quinoa uttapam

Quinoa uttapam is actually a healthy version of regular uttapam that is made at home with idlli/ dosa batter. Quinoa uttapam is a thick, fluffy and soft pancake prepared with basic veggie topping that is usually used to make regular uttapam. This uttapam uses a batter made with quinoa, idli […]

garlic karasev recipe, poondu karasev, diwali snacks
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Garlic karasev recipe, Poondu karasev, Diwali snacks

Garlic karasev/ Poondu karasev/ Vellulli karapusa is a crunchy and delicious snack made with garlic, besan and rice flour acting as key ingredients. This strong flavored and mildly spicy snack can be made at home very easily with just few ingredients involving less time. This quick to make snacks can […]

ragi semiya upma recipe, semiya upma
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Ragi semiya upma recipe, Ragi vermicelli upma

Ragi semiya upma/ Ragi vermicelli upma is a very easy and quick to make upma that is loaded with lot of health benefits. Ragi semiya upma/ Finger millet upma made with minimal ingredients yields in a tasty breakfast that will be adored by both adults and kids. For this recipe […]