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lemon oats recipe, indian oats
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Lemon oats recipe, Easy oats recipes, Indian oats recipes

Lemon oats is a simple, delicious and quick to make healthy recipe that can be made in jiffy for breakfast. Oats as we all know is cereal grain containing several essential nutrients needs to be in our diet in any form. A simple porridge either in sweet or savory version […]

oats idli recipe, idli
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Oats idli recipe, How to make Instant oats idli

Oats idli is a very healthy and instant recipe which I often make  when I get bored of regular idli/ when I am not in mood to make idli/dosa batter. This recipe yields very soft and fluffy idly and is also stomach filling. I am really not a fan of […]

oats porridge recipe, porridge
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Oats porridge recipe, Easy oats porridge recipe

Oats porridge is a very quick and super duper easy to make breakfast that is also delicious and healthy. This basic porridge recipe prepared with oats can be made in many ways and with few variations as well according to individual preferences. All you need is handful ingredients and 10 […]

curd oats
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Oats curd bath recipe, Curd oats, Savory yogurt oats recipe

Oats curd bath/ savory oats with curd is healthy, quick and instant recipe that can be prepared in no time with those everyday ingredients. Oats curd bath is more yummy and is healthier than curd rice and is one such super delish dish to serve in hot weather. Oats in […]

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Oats ven pongal recipe, How to make oats pongal

Oats ven pongal is a simple, healthy and easy to make recipe which can be prepared in very less time. Oats ven pongal is prepared with oats and moong dal, in the same method we prepare regular ven pongal. I usually prefer making oats ven pongal as it is wholesome […]

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Oats rava dosa, How to make oats rava dosa

Oats rava dosa is an instant and crispy dosa similar to regular rava dosa in healthy version. Oats dosa batter can be used to prepare regular dosa also, but this version is more tastier and often preferred by my family. This dosa is simple and easy to make and involves […]

Oats garlic naan
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Oats garlic naan, Naan without yeast, Tava oats naan

Oats garlic naan is an easy to make and healthy flatbread with garlic and cilantro as topping. It is prepared by combining ground oats powder and wheat flour into dough, then flattened and toasted on tava. For this recipe I have not used yeast and replaced it with baking soda, […]

Oats dhokla
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Oats dhokla recipe, How to make instant dhokla

Oats dhokla is an instant, fluffy and healthy steamed recipe prepared by combining ground oats powder, sooji and curd. Oats dhokla is much tastier than the regular dhokla and I have been making this often at home nowadays. This recipe yields soft and fluffy dhoklas and when served to friends […]

Oats dosa
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Instant Oats dosa recipe, How to make oats dosa

Oats dosa is an instant, easy and healthy recipe where batter is prepared with powdered oats, maida, rice flour and rava. This recipe yields soft dosa and can be prepared on a busy morning or when you are out of regular dosa batter. Oats dosa tastes best with chutney and […]

Oats chapati
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Oats chapati recipe, How to make oats chapati

Oats chapati is a very easy and healthy chapati prepared by adding ground oats powder to wheat flour to form dough. Oats chapati will have same texture, look,  feel very soft and will taste more yummy than regular chapati and this is again a delicious way to consume oats. Today […]