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Gyoza dumplings recipe, How to make dumplings

Gyoza are Japanese version dumplings similar to Chinese. Gyoza is pan fried dumpling consisting  of stuffing with veggies or meat and differs from Chinese dumplings for its garlic flavor. I made this recipe in Desi version so everyone can make an attempt. You don’t have to run to the stores […]

Bread quiche
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Bread quiche recipe, How to make bread quiche

Quiche originating from France is a delicious savory prepared with pie crust as base and stuffing consisting of veggies or meat and cheese. So I made this very easy and simplified version of quiche using bread as base to inspire my friends to cook. It is very easy to make […]

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Pesto pasta recipe, How to make pesto pasta

Pesto pasta is packed with full of healthy ingredients and is also rich in color and taste. It requires preparation of pesto which is prepared by grinding spinach, walnut and other ingredients in which the pasta will be tossed. I prepared this recipe using spinach  and mushroom but it can […]

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Peanut butter cookie recipe

Peanut butter cookie is a simple, easy and quick recipe and can be prepared without any hassle. I always love to surprise my husband with new recipes when he gets back home. As he is so addictive to peanut butter I decided to surprise him with cookies made with peanut […]

Spinach Alfredo pasta
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Spinach Alfredo pasta recipe

I always consider spinach to be the most healthiest food and incorporate in our diet in various forms. But the most delicious pasta variety prepared with spinach is this creamy, cheesy, garlicky Alfredo pasta. It can be prepared with any pasta variety and shape. It is easy to prepare and […]

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Garlic shrimp noodles recipe, How to make garlic shrimp noodles

Garlic shrimp is a simple recipe where noodles is tossed in garlic shrimp mixture. Its flavors are very distinct from regular noodles preparation. I make this recipe whenever I find small shrimp in store as they are much tastier than the big ones. For this recipe I used egg noodles […]

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Tomato pasta recipe, Pasta in basil garlic tomato sauce

Tomato pasta is simple and tangy pasta can be a real treat for tomato lovers and  can be prepared easily at home from scratch with basic ingredients. Rotini shaped pasta is something I use often at home for pasta salads and other tomato based pasta dish as my hubby is […]

mushroom pasta
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Creamy mushroom spaghetti recipe, How to make mushroom spaghetti

Spaghetti is a pasta variety hailing from Italian cuisine that looks thin and long in appearance. It is made out of wheat and can be prepared with lot of combinations. Spaghetti is the most favorite pasta variety that I often prepare at home for myself and this recipe is one […]

apple cup cake
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Apple cupcake recipe, How to make apple cupcake

Apple cupcake is a simple, healthy and nutritious cake which is very easy to prepare at home from scratch and can be made even by beginners and surprise their audience. This requires no hand blender and can be prepared using whisk. This is one of the ways I utilize apples […]

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Afghan bolani recipe, How to make bolani

Bolani is a yummy tasting Afghani bread with potato filling. I ate this for the very first time in a friends party and wanted to try making it as it was so delicious. To my shock the very first time I made bolani it turned out perfect and couldn’t wait […]