palak rava idli
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Palak rava idli recipe, Palak idli, Instant palak idli recipe

Palak rava idli/ palak idli is an instant, healthy and delicious idli that can be prepared quickly without involving much ingredients in its making. Palak idli is light green in color inheriting its color from palak adding its flavors as well to the idli in a relishable way. So when […]

quinoa Idli
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Quinoa Idli recipe, How to make Idli with Quinoa

Quinoa pronounced (kinwa) is a naturally gluten free grain that is rich in protein with all essential amino acids and has very high fiber compared to any other grain, also high in minerals like magnesium and iron. This super healthy grain can be incorporated in our diet in most simplest […]

Idli with idli rava
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Idli with idli rava recipe, How to make soft idli with idli rava

Idli made with idli rava yields soft, fluffy and spongy idlis in the most simplest and hassle free procedure making it easy for beginners as well. The batter for this idli can be made in both mixie/ grinder yielding in same result but the one ground in mixie is very […]

rice flour idli
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Rice flour idli recipe, Instant idli recipe

Rice flour idli is an instant idli recipe which requires no soaking, grinding or fermentation of batter and can be prepared on days when you get bored of regular idli or when you want to try something new or most importantly this recipe works great for beginners who wish to […]

Aaviri kudumu
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Aaviri kudumu recipe, Urad dal idli

Aaviri kudumu/ Steamed urad dal dumpling / Urad dal idli is a very soft and fluffy idli/dumpling prepared by grinding soaked urad dal into thick batter then steamed in idli plates and served. Urad dal idli is a very easy and quick to prepare breakfast which requires no fermentation of […]

idli seeralam recipe
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Idli seeralam recipe, How to make idli seeralam

Idli seeralam is a spicy dish prepared by tossing cubed idli in tempered onion mixture. Idli seeralam can be prepared with fresh or left over idli. I was reminded of this recipe by my mom last week as she prepared it the day she called me. This recipe is again […]