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khara bun
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Masala buns recipe, Khara buns, Mini savory buns recipe

Masala buns/ Khara buns are bakery style mini savory buns with lots of flavors and mild spiciness is an excellent tea time snack. Masala buns are prepared by adding chopped onion, ginger, garlic, cilantro and few other spices to add to its taste. Adding yeast while kneading the dough gives […]

baked onion samosa
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Baked onion samosa recipe, Irani samosa, Onion samosa (with video)

Baked onion samosa/ Irani samosa is a mini sized excellent savory snack filled with spicy onion mixture is usually served along with hot tea/ chai. Baked onion samosa is a healthy version of the regular onion samosa as only a tbsp of oil is used in its preparation. So to […]

checkerboard cookies
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Eggless Checkerboard cookies recipe, Checkerboard cookies

Eggless checkerboard cookies are beautiful looking buttery and light cookies comprising of both vanilla and chocolate flavor in one cookie and alternating flavors in every bite. These checkerboard cookies are super easy to make and requires just 5 simple ingredients that you can easily pull out of your kitchen. These […]

Garlic pull apart rolls
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Garlic pull-apart rolls recipe, Easy Cheesy Pull-Apart Rolls

Garlic pull-apart rolls are a cheesy, spongy and fluffy bread infused with herbs and garlicky flavor. These pull – apart rolls are a mash up of biscuits (American) and garlic bread leading to deliciousness. These rolls are very easy to make and can be easily accompanied with your morning coffee/ […]

eggless fudgy brownie
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Eggless fudgy brownie recipe, Eggless brownie

Eggless fudgy brownies are super delicious chocolate brownies that are dense, chewy, fudgy in the middle with crinkly top, topped with or without walnuts. These brownies are super easy to make and demands very basic ingredients in its making. Also it does not involve the use of hand blender or […]

red velvet cupcake
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Red velvet cupcake recipe, Eggless red velvet cupcake (naturally colored)

Red velvet cupcake is a red colored soft, spongy and moist cupcake that is usually topped with white frosting/ icing which adds to the taste and makes it look eye catchy. This red velvet cupcake / cake is usually made during Valentines day/ Christmas due to its color and I […]

ghee cake
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Ghee cake recipe, Easy ghee cake recipe (with video)

Ghee cake is a super soft, moist and aromatic cake prepared with ghee and maida/ all purpose flour as the name goes. Ghee cake is so easy to prepare and is a beginner level cake as it involves no pre preparation and non cumbersome procedure. One thing I must say […]

eggless coconut cake
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Eggless coconut cake recipe, Easy coconut cake (WITH VIDEO)

Coconut cake is one of the most delicious cake that I have ever made since the time I learnt to bake cakes. I am a big fan of coconut macroon, coconut cake and also coconut donuts. My love for coconut stops with pastry but not fond of it in regular […]

Eggless rava fruit cake
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Eggless rava fruit cake recipe, Sooji fruit cake

Eggless rava fruit cake/ Eggless sooji fruit cake is one of the most simplest and beginner level cake that I first made during Christmas years back. This fruit cake does not require any pre preparation and can be made even in the last minute as it involves only mixing of […]

Eggless chocolate cake
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Steamed chocolate cake, Eggless chocolate cake recipe

Steamed eggless chocolate cake is prepared by steaming cake batter in low flame either in idli steamer or pressure cooker. This eggless chocolate cake is very easy to prepare and does not involve the use of hand blender, just mix all the ingredients in a bowl, steam and then serve. […]