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rava ladoo
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Rava ladoo recipe, How to make rava laddu

Rava ladoo/ Rava laddu is a very easy and delicious recipe that is usually prepared during festivals or any special occasion. Rava ladoo takes very less time to prepare and also involves only handful ingredients in its making so it can be made easily even by beginners. This ladoo recipe […]

Lauki halwa
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Lauki halwa recipe, Bottle gourd halwa, Sorakay halwa

Lauki halwa/ Bottle gourd halwa/ Dudhi halwa is a very simple and quick to make halwa prepared with handful basic ingredients similar to carrot halwa. Lauki halwa is one such delicious halwa that can be made easily in no time for any special occasion even by beginners. This halwa can […]

Peanut ladoo
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Peanut ladoo recipe, Groundnut laddu recipe

Peanut ladoo is a very simple and easy to make recipe involving just 4 basic ingredients and can be prepared in no time. Peanut ladoo is usually made during festivals like karthikai deepam. This ladoo comes as real treat for peanut lovers and also for non peanut lovers. So if […]

Pori urundai
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Pori urundai recipe, Murmura ladoo recipe

Pori urundai/ Murmura ladoo is a sweet, crunchy and delicious recipe usually prepared during festivals like Kathikai Deepam. Though it involves only handful ingredients in its making it gets little tricky while making the jaggery syrup, which requires little patience, and at the very same time you will need to […]

Sooji halwa
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Sooji halwa, Instant halwa recipes

Sooji halwa / Suji halwa is an instant, yummy and delicious recipe which can be prepared for any occasion. This halwa requires only handful ingredients in its making and can be prepared in just 10 minutes. Sooji halwa is one of my favorite halwa as it is quick to make […]

Pineapple sheera
Recipes, Sweets & Desserts

Pineapple sheera recipe, Pineapple kesari recipe

Pineapple sheera is a delicious sweet recipe made with sooji/ rava and pineapple. This Sheera/ kesari is much tastier than any other sheera/ kesari as the chopped pineapple is cooked in ghee and we can taste chunks of pineapple in every bite which is a real bliss for pineapple lovers. […]

Paneer rabri
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Paneer rabri recipe, Sweets recipe

Paneer rabri/ rabdi is a rich and delicious dessert prepared with milk, condensed milk and grated paneer. This rabri is an instant and easy recipe with just 4 main ingredients and can be prepared in very less time.  This rabri is usually prepared during special occasions and can be used […]

Rava sweet paniyaram
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Rava sweet paniyaram, Rava sweet appam recipe

Rava sweet paniyaram is an instant, easy and very handy recipe when you have overripe banana at home. Rava sweet paniyaram is prepared with  rava/sooji, banana, maida acting as key ingredients and is cooked with ghee which enhances the taste of this dish. Rava sweet paniyaram can be made as […]

Sweet kaja
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Sweet kaja, Madatha kaja recipe, Teepi Kajalu

Sweet kaja/ Madatha kaja is a toothsome layered sweet recipe famous in Andhra Pradesh. Sweet kaja is prepared with maida dough, which is shaped and fried, then dipped in sugar syrup before serving. This is my mom’s recipe and she used to make it for snacks, and there used to […]

Carrot kesari
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Carrot kesari recipe, Carrot sheera

Carrot kesari is a delicious sweet recipe prepared by combining carrot puree, sooji and sugar. This is a healthy kesari and will be loved by both kids and adults. I bought lot of baby carrots from farmers market last week and wished to do a recipe unlike regular ones. So […]