methi quinoa recipe, quinoa upma, methi quinoa
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Methi quinoa recipe, Methi quinoa upma, Quinoa recipes

Quinoa pronounced (kinwa) is a naturally gluten free grain that is rich in protein with all essential amino acids and has very high fiber compared to any other grain, also high in minerals like magnesium and iron. This super healthy grain can be incorporated in our dirt in most simplest […]

ragi semiya upma recipe, semiya upma
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Ragi semiya upma recipe, Ragi vermicelli upma

Ragi semiya upma/ Ragi vermicelli upma is a very easy and quick to make upma that is loaded with lot of health benefits. Ragi semiya upma/ Finger millet upma made with minimal ingredients yields in a tasty breakfast that will be adored by both adults and kids. For this recipe […]

tomato quinoa upma recipe, upma, quinoa upma
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Tomato quinoa upma recipe, Quinoa upma recipe

First of all very sorry guys I have been in one long and few short vacation trips because of which I could not focus much on blog all these days, I am hoping this does not continue in upcoming days and will post interesting and easy recipes as usual every […]

khara bath recipe, khara bath, masala bhath, rava bhath, south indian breakfast
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Khara bath recipe, Rava bhath, Masala bhath recipe

Khara bath/ Rava bhath/ Masala bhath is a delicious savory upma made with rava/ sooji and vegetables that serves to be one of the popular breakfast in Karnataka. This spicy and masala filled upma is prepared by cooking rava/ sooji and vegetables in ghee making the dish a very flavorful […]

vegetable quinoa upma
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Quinoa upma recipe, Vegetable quinoa upma recipe

Quinoa upma/ Vegetable quinoa upma is a very healthy upma made with quinoa a super nutritious grain and veggies. Quinoa upma is easy to whip up on busy mornings as breakfast or as lunchbox recipe. This instant and yummy upma has a nutty/ crunchy texture of both quinoa and vegetables […]

rava kichadi
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Rava kichadi recipe, Semolina khichdi, Sooji kichadi

Rava kichadi/ Sooji kichadi is a very easy and simple to make breakfast and also healthy start of the day as it is loaded with veggies and taste. Rava kichadi is similar to the preparation of regular rava upma/ sooji upma but is more tastier. This recipe can be served […]

Sabudana khichdi
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Sabudana khichdi recipe, Sago khichdi

Sabudana khichdi / Sago khichdi is a yummy to eat dish and easy to prepare breakfast which can be prepared in no time as it involves only handful ingredients. Sabudana khichdi is a spicy and crunchy recipe made with potatoes and sabudana/ sago acting as key ingredients. Adding lemon juice […]

bread upma
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Bread upma recipe, Quick bread upma

Bread upma is an extremely easy, yummy and quick to make breakfast made with basic ingredients that is always available in pantry. This crunchy and spicy bread upma is ideal for breakfast or even as quick snack as it takes very less time to prepare and will be adored by […]

tomato poha
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Tomato poha recipe, How to make tomato aval

Tomato poha / Tomato aval is again one such simple and easy recipe which can be prepared in no time. When you have tomato lovers at home, this recipe is going to be a real treat for them, but could be addictive even for non tomato lovers like me. Tomato […]

Sago upma
North Indian recipes, Recipes, South Indian recipes, Upma

Sago upma recipe, Javvarisi upma, Sabudana upma

Sago upma/ Javvarisi upma is a very easy recipe that can be prepared quickly for breakfast due to its simple making and ingredients. Sago upma is prepared by adding soaked sago in tempered onion mixture and cooked to perfection. Adding lemon juice enhances the taste of this dish even more. […]