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Oats chapati
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Oats chapati recipe, How to make oats chapati

Oats chapati is a very easy and healthy chapati prepared by adding ground oats powder to wheat flour to form dough. Oats chapati will have same texture, look,  feel very soft and will taste more yummy than regular chapati and this is again a delicious way to consume oats. Today […]

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Chilli parotta, How to make chilli parotta recipe

Chili parotta is an spicy and mouthwatering dish prepared with fresh or leftover parotta. It is spicy, crunchy and easy recipe with simple ingredients in its making. This recipe is much easier and simpler when compared to kothu parotta so it is easy for beginners to try. This recipe was […]

kothu poori
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Kothu poori recipe, Vegetable kothu poori recipe, How to make veg kothu poori

Kothu poori is an easy recipe with veggies in which leftover poori can be transformed into toothsome dish. This recipe does not require any pre preparation of any gravy or salna but still has unbeatable taste. Try this recipe and next you will make more poori in order to prepare […]

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Parotta recipe, How to make parotta, South Indian breakfast recipes

Parotta is made with maida and is best known for its layers and texture. It is easy to make though requires little practice while pleating but can be attempted even by beginners. I usually prepare veg salna to accompany parotta and egg biryani. I prefer to make all of these  […]

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Veg kothu parotta recipe, How to make vegetable kothu parotta, South Indian dinner recipes

Kothu parotta is a delicious one pot dish and is very famous in Tamil Nadu. It can be prepared either with fresh or left over parottas and also in both versions veg and non veg kothu parotta. This recipe is spicy, crunchy with veg salna flavors infused in parotta which […]

poori recipe, puri
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Poori recipe, Puri, How to make poori

Poori is always a big yes for me and my hubby when I call poori as dinner. Though it is a deep fried dish its taste can never be substituted by any other Indian bread recipes made with wheat flour according to me. When I make poori I always prefer […]

kothu parotta, parotta
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Kothu parotta recipe, How make kothu parotta

A mouth watering one pot dish and popular street food in Tamil Nadu which can be prepared either by making fresh  parottas or left over ones. I usually make simple  beginner version of this, but this time I thought let me give it a try and this turned out great. […]