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sakkarai pongal
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Sweet pongal recipe, Sakkarai pongal, Chakkara pongali

Sakkarai pongal/ Sweet pongal/ Chakkara pongali is a delicious sweet recipe popularly prepared in South India during festivals. Sweet pongal/ sakkarai pongal is prepared with rice, moong dal and jaggery. Adding ghee, cashews and raisins enhance the taste of this dish even more. Sweet pongal holds top priority along with […]

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Oats ven pongal recipe, How to make oats pongal

Oats ven pongal is a simple, healthy and easy to make recipe which can be prepared in very less time. Oats ven pongal is prepared with oats and moong dal, in the same method we prepare regular ven pongal. I usually prefer making oats ven pongal as it is wholesome […]

ven pongal
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Ven pongal recipe, How to make ven pongal

A delicious recipe  made with rice and moong dal can never be left out in breakfast list. The aroma of the ghee and the crunchiness of the cashews cannot make the day any better. It tastes best when served hot with sambar and coconut chutney. When we were newly wed […]