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matar poha recipe, green pea poha, poha
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Matar poha recipe, Green pea poha recipe

Matar poha/ Green pea poha is a quick and easy to make breakfast that is also super delish and light on tummy. Matar poha is prepared by adding soaked poha to tempered matar mixture. Adding lemon juice gives this poha little tanginess which adds to its taste. Poha can be […]

mini sambar idli
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Mini idli sambar recipe, Sambar idli

Mini idli sambar/ Sambar idli is a super delish recipe where small/ mini idli are soaked in a flavorful sambar and topped with few drops of ghee and chopped cilantro for flavor and taste. This mini idli sambar is very easy to prepare as it involves just combining of 2 […]

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Vegetable masala sevai, Masala idiyappam, Veggie sevai

Vegetable masala sevai/ Vegatable masala idiyappam is a colorful, flavorful and quick to make recipe loaded with veggies and taste. Masala sevai is one such instant recipe that can be easily prepared at home by tossing cooked ready made/ packet sevai to sauteed masala veggies and serve it, because this […]

instant rava idli
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Rava idli recipe, Sooji idli, Instant idli recipe

Rava idli/ Sooji idli is one such instant and very handy recipe that can be made anytime specially when you run out of batter or not in mood to make idli batter and a sudden craving for idli could be solved by making these simply yummy idlies. Yes sooji idli/ […]

vendhaya dosai
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Vendhaya dosai recipe, Fenugreek dosa, Methi dosa

Vendhaya dosai/ Fenugreek dosa/ Methi dosa is a soft and spongy dosa prepared with rice, fenugreek seeds and urad dal. Vendhaya dosai is a very healthy breakfast and also is excellent body coolant which is very important for our body during summer. Vendhaya dosa recipe comes from my mom and […]

quinoa adai
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Quinoa adai, Quinoa and lentil adai, Quinoa recipes

Quinoa (pronounced kinwa) is a naturally gluten free grain that is rich in protein with all essential amino acids and has very high fiber compared to any other grain, also high in minerals like magnesium and iron. So we all are aware of the goodness of quinoa but tried to […]

tawa pizza
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Tawa pizza, Stove top veg pizza, Pizza without oven

Tawa pizza/ Stove top pizza an extremely easy to do and hassle free recipe that tastes just like baked one is a must have recipe recipe. Tawa pizza can be easily made even by beginners as it involves no special technique or cumbersome process and can be made on those […]

basmati rice mini idli
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Mini idli with basmati rice, Basmati rice idli recipe

Basmati rice mini idli is soft, spongy and fluffy idli prepared with fermented batter consisting of basmati rice, poha and urad dal. Basmati rice is not used/ recommended for making idli/ dosa other than pulao and biryani as it carries so much flavor and also misunderstood it being unfit to […]

mutta dosai
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Egg dosa recipe, Mutta dosai, How to make egg dosa

Egg dosa/ Mutta dosai is a super delish and easy to make protein packed breakfast prepared with regular dosa batter and egg as key ingredients. Adding onion, green chilli, pepper powder and cilantro adds to its taste. Egg dosa can be made in lot of varieties actually more yummy ones, […]

kaima idli
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Kaima idli recipe, Saravana bhavan style kaima idli, Leftover idli recipe

Kaima idli is a delicious, spicy, crunchy and flavorful dish that is prepared with fried leftover idlies. Kaima idli is prepared by tossing fried idli cubes in spicy and crunchy onion tomato based masala. Adding capsicum for flavor and green peas for crunchiness makes the dish more tasty and special. […]